This Canadian TVO site is a bright and colourful site where children will find 103 games with a focus on language and with two levels for ability (Alphabet Goop, Animal Who, Big Backyard Book Club, Letterella, Loosey Goosey, Rhymes, Melvin’s Marvellous Stories…).  Children would have to be taught how to choose the right level. This is a great interactive, technology focused website that many children would likely be able to relate to from watching some of their favourite shows on PBS Kids TV.   At the bottom of the page, you can choose from four tabs; colouring, games, videos, and music.  Inside each tab, there is a focus on language, vocabulary, and/or phonetics.
Story Place is an interactive web site with a “Pre-School Library” that provides children with the virtual experience of listening to a story and doing related activities.
Go to “Storytime with Robert Munsch” to listen to Robert Munsch tell the story!

Interactive games to build mouse control skills, sequencing, numbers, labels, counting, ordering and patterning.
Easy games related to sorting, matching, shape and colours.

Features many links to sites with activities related to fine motor skills, shows, shapes, math and literacy.

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