On Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, September 22nd a work weekend was held at Spruce Glen. We had a great group of volunteers including students, parents, staff, grandparents and community business owners. They all worked through a wet and damp Saturday to layout, install and pour cement for the supports of our new primary playground equipment. Then came the assembly of the equipment which went quick and painless due to the many hands and skill sets we were lucky to have helping. Another crew of volunteers trimmed, weeded, planted and spread mulch over the flower bed at the school sign. What a difference it makes to the entrance to our school! Volunteer co-ordinator, Brigitte sJongers did an amazing job with ensuring there were snacks, lots of drinks and lunch for all the volunteers. Another crew, headed up by Mrs. Holtby and Mr. Kruger helped grade, cut and construct the raised beds in the rear yard which Mdme. Sirek will oversee in filling with soil and planting of vegetables and flowers. Early Sunday morning brought out some new and returning volunteers to spread sand in the new play areas. Thanks to a local landscape company, the donation of the front end loader greatly sped up this process. We were able to spread 4 truckloads of sand in the morning and be free for the afternoon. In the meantime, a SG grandparent was painting the school letters so they would be visual to the road and easier to read. Now we really standout.


After numerous years of fundraising, co-ordinating and one work weekend the SAC and PFC are thrilled to have been able to meet this goal and now enjoy watching the children have fun on this playground during the week and on the weekends. On behalf of the Parent Fundraising Committee and SAC, thank you to all the volunteers who gave generously to help this become a reality. Thank you to HLD, Devonleigh Homes, Muskoka Rent-All, Lucy’s Lunchbox, Home Depot and Davicor Construction who as all community-minded local businesses donated their time, equipment and supplies to help complete this project under budget. We are all hoping that the children will enjoy this playground for years to come.


Please note next SAC meeting will be held on Monday, October 7th at 6:30pm in the school library. Everyone is welcome. Please come out and get involved in the school community.