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Recipes in a Jar

Recipes in a Jar Fundraiser! SGPS families – your child will have come home with an order sheet for our fundraiser. Not only can you buy lovely gifts for the holidays, you can... Read More

Code of Conduct Update

The Ministry of Education requires all school boards to update their Code of Conduct to specifically address restrictions around the use of personal mobile devices during instructional time. Please note that the TLDSB... Read More

We Scare Hunger

Bring your food items to the school – there are collection boxes near the gym. Students can also collect non-perishable items when they are out trick or treating on Hallowe’en! Collect a badge... Read More

School Schedule

Your child is expected at school by 8:50
Buses and students arrive at school.
Students play outside.
Bell rings at 8:50
Final bell
8:55 – 10:35
Learning Block 1
10:35 – 10:55
Nutrition break - eating time
10:55 – 11:15
Recess and outdoor play
11:15 – 1:15
Learning Block 2
1:15  – 1:35
Nutrition Break - eating time
1:35  – 2:05
Recess and outdoor play
2:05  – 3:25
Learning Block 3